Douglas Muted Tartan

Discover the Douglas Muted Tartan, a symbol of the esteemed Douglas clan's Scottish history. Flourishing during the 14th and 15th centuries, the Douglases amassed power but faced turmoil in 1440. Their tartan, also known as Wilson's No.148, represents their enduring heritage. Experience the heroism of the Douglases, who shaped Scotland's history from the Wars of Scottish Independence to the Scottish Reformation. The gallant Black Douglas exemplified loyalty by carrying Robert the Bruce's heart to Jerusalem. Their motto, "Jamais Arriere" (Never behind), embodies their unwavering determination. At Kinloch Anderson, we proudly present the Douglas Muted Tartan, preserving the Douglas clan's rich heritage. Our collection of highland dress items in this distinguished tartan connects you to Scottish culture and tradition. Embrace the legacy of the Douglases with the timeless elegance of the Douglas Muted Tartan.
Transport yourself to Scotland's mesmerising landscapes with the Douglas Muted Tartan. This exceptional tartan captures the essence of the Douglas clan's legacy through its curated colours and sett pattern, evoking tranquillity and sophistication. The muted shades of grey, blue, and green intertwine harmoniously, holding stories and resonating with tradition. The intricate woven design of lines and squares symbolises the clan's resilience and reflects Scottish artistic tradition.
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