Denim Kilt With Lace String

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Denim Kilt With Lace String | Gallery

Scottish Kilt Shop prides ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with high quality kilts that they will be proud to wear, and that means not only making our kilts with the highest quality material possible but also making them to measure as well. The Ripped Denim Kilt with Lace Up Strings is completely made to measure in order to ensure that it fits you perfectly as soon as you slip it on. By sending in your specific measurements, you can have peace of mind that the kilt is going to fit you just as you envisioned when you purchased it. Before you place your order, fill out the size specifications that include not only the waist but also the hip measurements, so you won't need to guess about how it will rest on your body. You can also choose the length of the kilt and the fell measurement for even further customization. Choose the kind of hardware and buttons that you want to make it entirely your own. This kilt can be made from your selection of either blue or black denim, so you can choose the one that best suits your choice of style. Throughout the process of preparation denim fabric is methodically and intentionally placed rips and tears that give offer a trendy and unique appearance than plain denim. At the bottom of the kilt the hem is left raw and ripped, to enhance more worn look. The added pockets and belt loops at the top of the kilt give the appearance of your pair of jeans. What sets the Ripped Denim Kilt with Lace Up Strings apart from a usual denim kilt or skirt are the laces that are run along either side of the kilt. Running up and down the sides of the thighs is lace-up detailing that adds something bold and unique to the look of this fabulous kilt.