Crawford Tartan

The Crawford tartan has its roots in the Scottish barony of Crawford in Lanarkshire. The Crawford family was said to have originated in Lanarkshire, where the Clyde River's sandy gravel formed a shallow firm bottom for the river, and the crows wheeled in the empty air over the open heather that stretched away toward the mountains. The family's name became associated with the area, and they eventually acquired the barony of Crawford. The Crawford clan was known for their support of William Wallace during the Scottish Wars of Independence, and Sir Thomas Craufurd of Jordanhill became a member of Lord Darnley's household when he married Mary, Queen of Scots. The clan's motto, "Tutum te robore reddam" (I will give you safety by strength), and crest, a stag's head with a cross crosslet fitchée between the antlers, represent their values of strength and protection. The Crawford tartan, a lowland tartan, was first recorded in the "Vestiarium Scoticum" by the Sobieski brothers in 1842.
The Crawford Tartan is a stunning display of pink, green, and white that captures the essence of the Scottish landscape. The pink stripe represents the heather that covers the Scottish hillsides, while the green stripe symbolizes the moss that grows on the rocky cliffs. The white stripe represents the snow that blankets the Scottish Highlands in the winter. This tartan features bold lines and intricate patterns that will catch the eye and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.
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