Crawford Tartan

The Crawford Tartan is a beautiful plaid pattern that represents the proud history of the Crawford Clan. The Crawford family is one of the oldest and most distinguished clans in Scotland, with a history that dates back to the medieval period. The Crawford family name is said to have originated from the Norman word "Crawford," which means "crow's ford." During the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Crawford family played a significant role in the battles against English rule. The Crawford tartan features a bold pattern in shades of green, blue, red, and yellow, reflecting the bravery and loyalty of the Crawford family. The Crawford family name has a rich and fascinating history that is deeply rooted in Scotland's heritage. The name is believed to have originated from a place name, which is a combination of the Old English words "crawe" and "ford." The Crawford tartan, however, is a relatively modern creation, first appearing under the name "Crawford" in the Vestiarium Scoticum of 1842.
Despite its relatively recent origin, the Crawford Tartan has remained a symbol of the family's rich heritage and is still in use today. In the centuries that followed, the Crawford family continued to make their mark on Scottish history through their contributions to politics, commerce, and the arts. Today, the Crawford Tartan remains a symbol of the Crawford family's rich heritage and is proudly worn by members of the clan all over the world. Whether you are a proud member of the Crawford family or simply appreciate the beauty of traditional Scottish tartans, the Crawford Tartan is a timeless piece of cloth that embodies the rich history and proud heritage of Scotland.