County Louth Tartan

Louth's motto, "Lugh sáimh-ioldánach," reflects its rich cultural history. Named after the Celtic god Lugh, the county was part of the ancient tribe of the Voluntii and later formed a district in Airghialla. In the 12th century, it was occupied by the Normans and became known as English Oriel. Louth played a significant role in Irish history, including the defeat of the Scottish army at the Battle of Farquharson and the site of the Battle of the Boyne. The county suffered greatly during the Cromwellian conquest when the royal garrison and many citizens were slaughtered in Drogheda. The motto pays tribute to Lugh's many skills and abilities, symbolizing the region's diverse contributions to Irish history.
The County Louth Tartan is a striking and distinctive pattern that incorporates blue, forest green, maroon, red, and white. The design features several thick stripes in the forest green and maroon colors, separated by thin lines of blue and white. The central portion of the tartan is dominated by a large rectangle of blue, bordered by thin lines of white and red. The colors used in the tartan are symbolic of the landscape, with the blue representing the sea and sky, and the green symbolizing the county's lush green fields and forests. The County Louth Tartan is a testament to the county's rich history and cultural identity, and is a beloved symbol of the region.
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