Cooper Modern Tartan

The Cooper clan is one of the Scottish clans that originated in the Lowlands region of Scotland. The name "Cooper" comes from the occupation of a maker of barrels, casks, and other wooden containers. The clan has a long and storied history, with roots tracing back to the 14th century. The first recorded instance of the name Cooper dates back to 1330 when William Cooper is mentioned in a legal document. The Cooper Modern Tartan is a striking blend of intense blue and bottle green, with a purple overcheck that adds a pop of color. This high-quality tartan is made from pure new wool, making it perfect for a variety of crafts, upholstery, and accessories. The name Cooper is thought to be derived from the Scottish town of Cupar in Fife, as many early references to the name relate to people and places in this region.
This beautiful tartan is woven in Scotland and is sure to add a touch of Scottish heritage to any project. The Cooper Modern Tartan is a recent addition to the clan's history, having been created in 1998 by the House of Edgar. The tartan features a combination of black, navy blue, forest green, and sky blue stripes, with thin yellow lines running through it. The modern design of the tartan reflects the Cooper clan's forward-thinking nature and their ability to adapt to changing times while still holding onto their proud heritage. Today, the Cooper clan continues to thrive, with many descendants living in Scotland and around the world. They are known for their strong family ties and dedication to their community, as well as their skills in the woodworking and carpentry trades. The Cooper Modern Tartan is a symbol of this enduring legacy and is worn with pride by members of the clan and those who admire its unique design.