Black Watch Modern Tartan

The Black Watch Tartan bears the name of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment (The Black Watch), the most prestigious Highland Regiment. It was first established in 1729 in 1729, as the four Independent Companies of Highlanders to guard and maintain peace in the Highlands. Their number has been increased by 1739, and the four companies were merged into an army. It is the Black Watch has a long track record of service in the military for the nation. Black Watch Modern Tartan is perfect for any occasion or occasion. This tartan is generally constructed from Acrylic Wool and is a dark blue, black, and dark green that will help lighten the tartan and give it some balance.
This tartan pattern will make your clothes more stylish and elegant. We have a wide selection of quality kilts. jackets, skirts, and other clothes made of this gorgeous Black Watch Modern Tartan. To make your experience more elegant, we take care of the most intricate details that make the Black Watch Tartan a stylish piece that reflects the refined style of the family.