Armstrong Modern Tartan

The Clan Armstrong is a Scottish clan that has a rich history dating back to the 13th century. They are said to have originated from the Anglo-Saxon word "Aermund" which means "armoured protection". The Armstrongs were once a powerful Border Reiver clan who lived along the Anglo-Scottish border. They were known for their prowess in warfare and their skill in cattle rustling. The Modern Armstrong Heavy Weight Tartan is a striking representation of the legendary Border clan that has a rich and storied history dating back to 1376. The Armstrongs were originally located in Liddesdale but soon expanded their influence and power to Annandale. Their warlike chiefs and loyal supporters engaged in battles on both sides of the Border, and their strength was so great that they were able to defy the authority of King James V of Scotland. However, in 1530, the King employed a cunning stratagem to capture and execute the Armstrong chief, which led to the eventual decline of the clan's authority. Despite this, the legend surrounding the Armstrong surname persists to this day, attributed to one clan member named Fairbairn who saved the life of King James V during battle.
It is said that Fairbairn was able to see the King's life in danger, and at great personal risk, he grabbed him by the thigh and placed him on his own horse. The story of the Armstrongs and their heroic actions has left a lasting impact on Scottish history and is embodied in the bold and striking Modern Armstrong Heavy Weight Tartan. The Armstrong Modern Tartan is a vibrant and bold tartan that reflects the strength and resilience of the Armstrong clan. It features a base of navy blue and forest green, with bold stripes of black, white, and red. The design is intricate and complex, with multiple layers of intersecting lines that create a dynamic and striking pattern. The tartan is a modern interpretation of the traditional Armstrong tartan, which was more muted in color and simpler in design.