Mini Denim Tartan Skirt

Mini Denim Tartan Skirt

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This mini  skirt is a mixture of Modern fashion and scottish heritage of washed Denim top and Tartan bottom of your choice and heritage.Top the of this skirt is made with Washed Denim wether in Blue or Black which is attached to the bottom of the denim portion of the skit is a beautiful layer of tartan material that comes in the color and pattern of your choice. You can choose from any number of tartans based solely upon the color itself or choose one that best represents your Scottish heritage. The choice is entirely up to you, thanks to our huge selection of tartans.Not only can you change the aforementioned buttons and hardware, but here at Scottish Kilt Shop, we also allow you to customize the measurements of the skirt to make it look exactly like what you envisioned. Before you place your order, you can insert your preferred fell measurement and length of the skirt, and to ensure the perfect fit, you can also include both your waist and your hip measurements. Anything else you would like to add to the skirt  can easily be included when you mention it in the comments box before placing the order.



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