Matching Tartan Sporran

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  • Ailsa Pink Tartan
  • Ancient Hunter
  • Anderson Tartan
  • Andover Tartan
  • Barclay Hunting Tartan

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Finish off your kilt ensemble with a Matching Tartan Sporran. The Matching Tartan Sporrans from Scottish Kilt Shop can be made to match any of your favorite tartans to ensure that you have a clean, sophisticated, streamlined look from top to bottom. This sporran has a spot inside for you to store important items such as cell phones, keys, wallets and more. The pocket is closed using a snap-button closure that adds a bit of detail. Hanging down from the flap closure are three black tassels that sit on the end of short silver-toned chains in order to give them a bit of flair. Each Matching Tartan Sporran is made with the highest quality materials to ensure a sporran that will last for years to come.

  • Materials and Features
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: Genuine Leather Sporran
  • Embossed: Embossed Leather Sporran
  • Button: Sporran Open With a Button Clasp
  • Tassels: 3 Leather Tassels
  • Chain: Matching Belt Chain