Formal Dress Wedding Shirt

Formal Dress Wedding Shirt

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This formal dress wedding shirt is the perfect shirt for completing your formal kilt ensemble. It features a beautiful ribbing running handsomely down the entire front, giving it a bit of texture and detail that other similar shirts simply cannot provide. It has a comfortable, yet structured collar that will not wilt and will keep you looking fresh the entire time you wear it. This shirt is not only available in a classic white but can be made to match any of your wedding attire by choosing colors like black, blue, light brown, dark brown, sandy brown, chocolate brown and red. Be sure that the shirt fits you just as you are expecting by indicating your shoulder width, chest size and sleeve length.

Materials & Features

  • Made to Measure
  • Cloth: Poly Cotton
  • Cuffs: Flattering Straight Cuffs
  • Sleeve: Straight Sleeve
  • Lace: Leather Lace
  • Cuffs: Button Cuffs
  • Color: White

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