Hamilton Ancient Tartan

The name of the habitat comes from an abandoned village inside the Parish of Barkby, Leicestershire. It was named for Old English Hamel 'crooked' and dun hill. Hamilton is close to Glasgow and was made by the Hamilton family, being named in honor of their ancestor. Hamilton Old Tartan can be suitable for any occasion or event. The Hamilton Ancient Tartan is typically composed of Acrylic Wool and is characterized by white and navy blue that lightens the tartan and provides it with an even balance. The Tartan colorway is light and gentle tones.
This tartan pattern will make your clothes more stylish and elegant. We have a wide selection of quality kilts. jackets, skirts, and other clothes made of this gorgeous Hamilton Ancient Tartan. To make your experience more elegant, we take care of the most intricate details that make this Tartan a stylish piece that reflects the refined style of the family. You may order any of the below-listed products in this tartan, and we will make your required garments exactly as per your given measurements.