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Jacobite Ghillie Shirt is a must-have for any kilt-wearing person. The traditional, yet informal shirts are ideal for wearing with any kilt without looking too dressy and without looking inappropriately casual. The lacing style near the neck is what makes the Ghillie Shirt stand out from other kilt tops, and they are incredibly lightweight and loose to keep you cool and give you plenty range of motion. With the Jacobite Ghillie Shirts sold here, you can enjoy all of the comfortable styles of a Ghillie shirt at a great price. The shirts come in ultra-casual Jacobite styles that can be worn to any festival, event or lunch, while the formal Jacobite Ghillie Shirt allows you to pair it with a tie or bowtie to be worn to weddings, formal dinners and more. Each one is made to measure by inputting your unique shoulder width, chest size, and desired sleeve length.

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Jacobite Shirt