Utility Kilt

Kids Utility Kilt in Custom Measurements

Kilt wearing is a tradition that goes back centuries and is something that continues on today. It is something that families can pass down to their children early on, helping them to learn the importance of the kilt and to get comfortable wearing this classic style when they are young. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we offer a variety of Kids Utility Kilt styles for you to choose from, letting you adorn your children in plenty of style while allowing them to show their pride of their Scottish heritage as well. The kilts that are offered here are every bit as well made as their adult counterparts, ensuring that you can feel confident buying a kilt that even the most rambunctious child won't easily damage. Each kilt can be customized down to the color and hardware, and you can ensure a perfect fit by including their waist size and kilt length in your order.