Utility Kilt

Kids Utility Kilt in Custom Measurements

Kilt wearing is a Scottish tradition that has been around for centuries and centuries and has become an important part of Scottish culture. As you begin to pass down family traditions to your children, you can also pass down the tradition of kilt wearing by instilling a love of kilts and a love of their heritage in them at a young age. Not only can you introduce them to the significance of such a garment, but you can also help them to become accustomed to and comfortable with wearing this iconic type of dress when they are very young.Scottish Kilt Shop offers not only tartan kilts for your children to enjoy, but we also offer utility kilts for more casual occasions where your child just wants to play. These kilts are durable and tough and come with pockets that allow them to carry around small belongings with them. Our kilts are fashioned out of the highest quality materials and come in a variety of different colors and styles, so that you can choose the one that best suits your little one's personality.

 Not only can you choose the colors of the kilt, but you can also customize any buttons or hardware on the kilt to further make it unique. Once you have found the perfect kilt for your child, you can send in their measurements, including their waist and desired kilt length, and we will make it to measure to ensure a perfect fit after you place your order.