Kilts for Kids / Baby

Baby Kilts With Custom Design & Measurements

Kilt wearing isn't something that is only exclusive to adults. In fact, you can instill a love of your family's Scottish heritage and culture from a very young age by introducing your children to kilt wearing. There's no age that is too early to begin wearing these iconic pieces of clothing, and if you start young enough, your child can grow up proudly sporting their love of their heritage. We offer kilts for babies and young children in a variety of different styles and patterns, so that you can find the one that best suits your little one's personality and set them down the path of kilt wearing.At Scottish Kilt Shop, not only do we offer classic tartan kilts, but we also offer utility kilts that are well suited for your playful, rambunctious children. If you have a formal event to attend and want to make sure they are dressed at their best, you can have a totally unique, one-of-a-kind custom kilt outfit made just for them.

No matter what kilt we sell, we are dedicated to making kilts for children every bit as high quality and stylish as we do our adult kilts. Outside of using premium materials and carefully handcrafting each one, we also make kilts for children according to their sizes. Send in the size of your child's waist and the length that you prefer the kilt to be and we will craft their design around it to ensure a perfect fit.