Utility Kilts

Women Utility Kilt At Scottish Kilt Shop

Women's fashion tends to have a lot more room to bloom into more diverse styles than men's clothes do, but one way that men's attire seems to provide more accessibility and benefits than women's clothing is with pockets. It is rare to put on a skirt, standard kilt or dress to find pockets in the design, and even then, those pockets are shallow and difficult to actually store anything in. The answer to this problem lies in utility kilts for women. These types of kilts provide just as much style and beauty as other women's attire with the added benefits of deep pockets that can do more than just hold a few coins.


Each one of these stylish, feminine kilts can be worn just as freely and with as much style as any other women's bottoms, but also with plenty of room for storage. These utility kilts take on the same style as standard kilts with their high waist, belts, optional hardware and fit but include spacious pockets on either side of each kilt. Through Scottish Kilt Shop, women everywhere can blast their love of their heritage and their impeccable sense of style without ever sacrificing the convenience of pockets ever again.


Each kilt that comes from Scottish Kilt Shop is made to measure, meaning that you send in your hip and waist sizes as well as preferred kilt length, and it will be made specifically to fit.