Thomson Tartan Kilt and outfit

Thomson Tartan Kilt and outfit

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The Thomson Tartan Kilt and outfit is a subtle, yet regal kilt that is casual enough to be worn at informal events and nice enough to don at the more formal ones. This Thomson Tartan features a predominantly light gray background that is accented with thick stripes of dark gray. Running through these squares in thin lines is a muted crimson color to make the kilt pop. It follows a standard tartan formula that uses the same pattern but its lines are cleaned up in order to give it a more contemporary look. Input your waist size, hip size and more for a proper fit.

Materials & Features

  • 8 yard out fit deal includes
  • professional 8 Yard stripe pleat Tartan kilt
  • Jacobite Ghillie Shirt
  • Matching Tartan Sporran
  • Matching Hose Flashes
  • Matching Tartan BowTie

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