Tartan Kilt

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Kilts are rich in Scottish history, dating back centuries of wear. Where once they were worn by those in the military for their ability to provide warmth and greater freedom of movement, they have since evolved into a sort of fashion symbol and an iconic symbol of the country itself. When you give your children their own kilt, you are passing down the tradition of kilt wearing to your little ones at an early age, which will help instill their understanding and appreciation of the kilt's cultural meaning while also helping them grow accustomed to the idea and feel of wearing these important garments from a young age.The tartan kilt is perhaps the most iconic of all Scottish kilts, and that is why we are dedicated to providing high-quality Scottish tartan kilts for adults and children alike. All of our kilts are crafted out of high-quality materials that are just as well made as the fabric we use for adult kilts. On top of that, the tartans that we have available for making your child's kilts are just as vast and numerous as our adult kilts.

 We extend our made-to-measure policy to our children's kilts as well, so that even if your growing child is currently in between sizes, you can find a kilt that is going to fit them perfectly. Simply send in the preferred kilt length and the measurement of their waist to get a perfect fitting kilt they'll love to wear.