Tartan Kilt

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Because of the rich history that Scottish kilts are steeped in, they quickly became one of the most iconic symbols of Scottish heritage and are instantly recognized as so. With these tartan kilts for kids, you can teach your little one to appreciate the culture and heritage they came from by showing them about the kilt-wearing lifestyle. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we believe that kids deserve kilts that are every bit as well made as the ones their dads and older brothers wear, and that shows in the quality craftsmanship put into each one of our designs. The tartan patterns we have available for our kilt designs are not only made for wearing to formal Scottish events but also casual enough they can be worn every day due to the complete comfort they provide. Their durable composition makes them tough and resistant against damage even when your little one plays in their kilt. The strong acrylic wool fabric is also lightweight enough that the kilt can comfortably be worn in warm weather without causing your little one to overheat. Find plenty of colors and styles that your little one will be excited to wear and make sure their kilt fits perfectly by sending in their measurements with your order.