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Kilt wearers are a part of a special community. We know what it means to be proud of our heritage, and we sport that pride by wearing a traditional dress inspired by our culture in all that we do. At Scottish Kilt, we appreciate the hard work that fellow kilt wearers put into the things that they love, even when it does not include their love and confidence in their Scottish heritage. Whether you are an individual who is competing in a sport or a marathon, an organization that is actively striving to provide help and charity to those in need or simply a team of people playing your own, friendly mini version of the Highland games, Scottish Kilt recognizes the fun and positivity that you put out into the world.

If you would like to gain a sponsorship with Scottish Kilt, we would be honoured to sponsor you! Let us sponsor you as you work toward creating and manifesting positive social change in the world through the hard work of your organization, backing you every step of the way. If you are on a sports team, we can sponsor you through the promotion of your team, helping to raise the spirit of the sport among the audience in your favour.

Whatever you wish to do, Scottish Kilt is here.