Semi Dress Tactical Kilt Sporran

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Semi Dress Tactical Kilt Sporran | Gallery 

Camouflage usually makes you blend in, but in the case of the Semi Dress Tactical kilt sporran, it will set you apart from the crowd. This accessory goes great with our camouflage kilts but can also be used to put a bold accent on one of the solid-colored contemporary, utility, tactical or hybrid kilts in our collection. Trimmed with real leather, the sporran has a roomy single compartment with plenty of space for your most important items. Its flap has a unique shape that catches the eye and snaps down securely with an exposed button. Two tassels with matching metallic caps dangle on either side.

  • Materials and Features
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: 100% Real Leather Back
  • Pattern:Tactical Kilt Sporran
  • Bag: Wide Opening Bag Compartment
  • Tassels:2 Tassels
  • Chain:Adjustable Leather Chain Belt