Semi Dress Real Leather Sporran

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Meet the sporran that goes with everything! Perfect for the man who frequently wears a kilt and wants to be able to sport the same sporran with all of the looks in his wardrobe, the Semi Dress Real Leather Sporran has a black and white color scheme that makes it stand out but still allows it to coordinate with any hue. Fashioned by hand out of fine quality genuine cow's leather, the sporran features silver metal studs on its cantle and front. Fur detailing and perforations in the leather add stylish accents. The sporran comes with an adjustable leather and chain belt.

  • Materials and Features
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: Genuine Leather
  • Bag: Wide Opening Bag Compartment
  • Tassels:Black Leather Tassels
  • Chain Belt:Adjustable Leather Chain Belt