Semi Dress Fur Sporran

Semi Dress Fur Sporran

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Semi Dress Fur Sporran | Gallery 

Love the look of fur sporrans but want an accessory that is a little less formal? The semi dress fur sporran is the perfect solution. Large enough to hold all of your most important items, the sporran can look elegant with a dress kilt but casual with a utility kilt or contemporary kilt, making it highly versatile. Instead of precious metal, genuine cow's hide leather is used to craft the cantle. The leather is shown in two colors and is embossed with Celtic patterning. Real fur is used for the front panel of the pouch, and the design is finished with three rope cord and leather tassels.

Materials & Features

  • Embossed Leather Sporran
  • Type: Semi Dress Sporran
  • Leather: Genuine Back Leather
  • Fur: Fur Sporran
  • Bag: Wide Opening Bag Compartment
  • Tassels: Black Leather Tassels With Chain
  • Chain: Adjustable Leather Chain Belt
  • Ribbon: Leather Knit Ribbon

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