Red Military Drummer Doublet

Red Military Drummer Doublet

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The red military drummer doublet is perfect for everything from historical reenactments to live musical performances to cosplay. A traditional design, the jacket features classic colors for military drummers with a red body and vibrant yellow braided embroidered trim. The stand-up collar, cuffs and bottom hem are black in color in keeping with the traditional design. Done up the front in gleaming gold buttons, this jacket will have any musician looking perfectly polished. The design features button-down epaulets in keeping with the classic style. Your jacket will be made to measure to your exact specifications for a comfortable fit.

Materials & Features

  • Made to Measure
  • Cloth: Heavy Wool
  • Button: Diamond Shape Button
  • Doublets: Red Doublet
  • Color: Red
  • Button: Rust Free
  • Design: Military Drummer

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