Rainbow Hybrid Kilt

Rainbow Hybrid Kilt

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Kilts have long been a way for men and women alike to express their unique sense of style while also showing love for their Scottish heritage. While most kilts allow their wearers to do this through tartan alone, the Rainbow Hybrid Kilt is different in the way that it gives you plenty of room to play around and get creative. The kilt is vibrant and colorful and possesses every color of the rainbow, showing off your broad spectrum of personality traits and your love of life every time you slip it on. The Rainbow Hybrid Kilt is a one-of-a-kind kilt that strays far away from what you might normally expect a kilt to look like. While it takes on the usual shape and length of a kilt complete with details such as pleats, it doesn't need any tartan material to stand out. Instead, the pleats are thin and plentiful, with each one representing a different color of the rainbow. This adds plenty of visual appeals and will make you stand out wherever you go. The rainbow pleats are most prominent on the back of the kilt but can be placed on the sides of the front as well. In the very front of the kilt is a single color fabric that is smooth and solid, helping to round out the busy, colorful sides and backs.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: Acrylic Wool
  • Cloth:Contrast Camouflage Trim
  • Belt Loops:2.25 Inches
  • Button & Hardware: Rust Free
  • Embroidery:Scottish Lion on Pocket

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