Stewart Ancient Tartan

The Stewart Ancient Tartan's origin is rooted in a lineage with deep historical and royal ties. The family traces their descent to Banquo, Thane of Lochaber, immortalized in Shakespeare's Macbeth, and their true ancestral roots lie in the seneschals of Dol in Brittany. After the Norman conquest, they acquired English lands before migrating to Scotland under King David I. Their loyalty and service were rewarded with extensive estates and the esteemed hereditary office of High Steward. The Royal House of them emerged through a fortunate marriage with Robert the Bruce's daughter, occupying the Scottish and English thrones until Queen Anne's passing in 1714. Today, the present Royal family maintains connections to the Stewarts, honoring their enduring legacy. This tartan, known as the "Royal Tartan," is proudly worn by the pipers of the Scots Guards, symbolizing its association with the Royal House of Scotland. Distinct branches flourished within this clan. The Stewarts of Appin were unwavering Jacobites, linked to the infamous Appin murder immortalized in Robert Louis Stevenson's 'Kidnapped.' The Stewarts of Atholl, descended from Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, gained notoriety for their fighting prowess as the Athollmen. Their legacy includes the controversial burning of Elgin Cathedral. Their surname, spelled Stewart or Stuart, originated from the Old English word "Steward," denoting an administrative role. Over time, it became a distinguished surname symbolizing nobility and leadership.
The Stewart Ancient Tartan features a vibrant interplay of blending green, red, yellow, blue, and black. The lush green evokes the majestic Scottish landscapes, while the vibrant red symbolizes the fiery spirit and courage that courses through the veins of the Stewart lineage. Accentuated by streaks of yellow, reminiscent of the golden glimmers of dawn. Splashes of deep blue contribute a sense of calm and tranquility, representing the steadfastness and wisdom that characterizes the Stewarts. Finally, black serves as a grounding element, symbolizing the strength and resilience woven into the fabric of this storied tartan.
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