Reid Tartan

The Reid Clan is a Scottish clan that has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. The clan is said to have originated in the Scottish Lowlands, specifically in the region of Galloway. The Reids were a powerful and influential clan, known for their role in defending the Lowland regions of Scotland. The clan's motto is "Veritas Vincit" meaning "truth conquers". The chief of the clan is recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms and the current clan chief is Alexander Reid of Straloch.
The clan's crest is a demi-savage holding a battle-axe and the clan's motto is "Fide et Fortitudine" meaning "By faith and fortitude". There are different branches of Reids, and some of them moved to the northern parts of Scotland and Ireland. The Reid Tartan is a specific pattern of colors and stripes that is associated with the Reid clan, a Scottish clan. The colors and stripes of a tartan are typically chosen to represent the clan's history, traditions, or geographical location. The Reid Tartan features blue, black, green, and red colors. The colors symbolize the following: Blue, the color of the sky, represents loyalty; Black, the color of the earth, represents the clan's connection to the land; Green, the color of the forest, represents the clan's strength and vitality; and Red, the color of fire, represents the clan's courage and boldness. It is important to note that there are different variations of Reid tartan, and the colors and patterns may vary depending on the source. This tartan pattern will make your clothes more stylish and elegant.
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