Murray of Tulloch Modern Tartan

The Murray family traces its lineage back to Freskin, a Flemish knight who thrived during the 12th century. With lands granted by David I in West Lothian, Freskin and his descendants strategically intermarried with the house of Moray to consolidate their influence. The family soon adopted the name "de Moravia," which eventually transformed into "Murray" in the Lowland Scots dialect. Bothwell Castle, an awe-inspiring stronghold in Scotland, was constructed by the Murrays and served as the chief's residence until 1360. In 1297, Sir Andrew Murray courageously joined forces with Sir William Wallace to fight for Scottish independence against Edward of England. This historic event cemented this family’s commitment to the cause. In the aftermath, this name spread across Scotland, leading to numerous branches competing for the chieftainship. However, the lordship and grandeur of Bothwell were lost to the Douglas family in 1360. It wasn't until the 16th century that the Murrays of Tullibardine reemerged in historical records, ensuring the family's enduring legacy.
The Murray of Tulloch Modern Tartan features a captivating color palette consisting of vibrant red, refreshing green, and deep blue hues. Vibrant red hues symbolize the fiery spirit and determination of the Murray clan, while refreshing shades of green evoke the lush landscapes of Scotland. The deep blue tones in the tartan represent the enduring loyalty and steadfastness that have defined this family throughout history. The pattern features intersecting lines and squares, meticulously woven together to create a striking and balanced design.
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