Minto Estate Tartan

Minto Estate Tartan Minto Estate Tartan is a Scottish tartan connected to Minto Estate. Minto Estate in the Scottish Borders region. The Minto Estate is rich in tradition along with its Minto Family has been linked with the region for generations. It is believed that the Minto family name is a habitational name that came from a location called, in Shropshire. The name Minton is a place name. Minton originates of The Welsh name "Mynydd '' meaning "hill," and also the Old English word "tun," which means "enclosure," or "settlement". The tartan as an emblem of Scottish heritage goes back centuries. The Minto Estate Tartan serves as a powerful representation of the Estate's past and culture. This Minto Estate Tartan is a distinct design of intersecting stripes of various colours generally, consisting of blue, green and red.
The exact style that is featured on Minto Estate Tartan is not known. Minto Estate Tartan is a matter of choice dependent on the weaver as well as the reason that the tartan is being produced (e.g. for kilts , or decorative items like throw blankets or scarfs). The usage of tartans to symbolise Scottish heritage goes back years, and each tartan has a connection to a specific Clan, family or even an Estate. This Minto Estate tartan represents a proud symbol of the history of the Estate and its heritage.Today people from Scottish descent from all over the globe are wearing this Minto Estate Tartan with pride , to honour their connection to this historical Estate.