Melville Modern Tartan

The Melville Modern Tartan carries with it a rich historical heritage that dates back centuries. The barony of Maleville, nestled in the picturesque Pays de Ceux region of Normandy, played a pivotal role in shaping the tartan's lineage. During the fateful Battle of Hastings in 1066, Guillaume de Malleville fought valiantly alongside William, Duke of Normandy. Inspired by the remarkable conquest, the de Mallevilles made their way to Scotland during the reign of David I, where they were granted lands in the historic region of Midlothian. Galfrid de Maleville, a distinguished member of the clan, assumed the esteemed position of 'vicecomes,' serving as the sheriff of the venerable Edinburgh Castle under the reign of Malcolm IV. His unwavering dedication and notable contributions led to his appointment as Justiciary of Scotland during the reign of William the Lion. A lasting testament to the Melville family's enduring legacy is found in the marriage of Agnes, Galfrid's daughter, to Sir John Ross of Halkhead. Through this union, the Barony of Melville remained in the hands of their descendants until 1705. Throughout the centuries, the Melville family continued to rise in prominence. In 1296, Sir John de Melville swore fealty to Edward I, which was recorded on the illustrious Ragman Roll. Finally, in 1690, the family's lineage culminated in the earldom of Melville with George, the first Earl of Melville.
The Melville Modern Tartan proudly displays a harmonious combination of colors that encapsulate the spirit of Scottish tradition. Its pattern consists of vibrant stripes of blue and green, interwoven with delicate accents of black and white. This unique color scheme embodies the picturesque landscapes of Scotland, with its expansive blue skies, lush green fields, and the contrasting shades that represent the ancient Celtic heritage.
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