McKerrell Tartan

The McKerrell clan, also known as Clan MacFhearghail, has a rich history dating back to medieval Scotland. The clan is believed to have originated from the Ayrshire area and was one of the prominent clans in the region. This name means 'son of Fearghal,' which translates to 'super choice' in Irish. The clan's origins can be traced back to the 12th century when Recherus Mecmaccharil was a witness to a confirmation by Dunekan, Earl of Karic, of a charter by Roger de Scallebroc of the lands in Carrik during the reign of William the Lion. Over the centuries, this clan has been mentioned in various charters, with individuals bearing the surname witnessing land grants and confirmations. Notable members of the clan include Sir John M'Kirel, who fought in the Battle of Otterburn in 1388, and William McKeirell, who served as the sheriff-clerk of Ayr in 1595. Today, descendants of this clan can take pride in their rich heritage and use this tartan as a symbol of their ancestry.
The McKerrell tartan is a strikingly beautiful pattern, featuring a dark blue and sky blue background with thick stripes of red, yellow, and white. The use of these colors in the tartan is representative of it's clan's heritage and history, with each color carrying its own significance. The dark blue symbolizes loyalty and strength, while the sky blue represents peace and harmony. The red in the tartan represents bravery and sacrifice, while the yellow symbolizes generosity and wisdom.
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