Mcintosh Tartan

This ancient name has a pure Scittish origion that derives its strength from the Old Gaelic "toisech" that stands for "chief, leader" or "front man". Charles McIntosh that lived from 1766 to 1843 was the creator who invented the waterproofing of cloth with a rubber solution and therefore unwritten this was named after him as "a macintosh" that developed into Mcintosh Tartan with the passage of time. Charles Macintosh completed the process of manufacturing Mcintosh Tartan Kilti in 1823."Travellers to Scotland over the past several hundred years have noted the Tartan worn by its inhabitants.
These records refer to it as ‘mottled’, ‘marled’ and ‘sundrie coloured’, but perhaps the best description comes from the Gaelic word breacan, meaning chequered. For it is that description which best defines a tartan… a check-like arrangement of a tartan pattern, or the ‘sett’, which is repeated over and over again until the desired length of cloth is produced.
For several centuries, tartan remained part of the everyday garb of the Highlander. Whilst tartan was worn in other parts of Scotland, it was in the Highlands that its development continued and so it became synonymous with the symbol of clan kinship", says well known author Ben Johnson.The Mackintosh clan motto is "Touch not the cat bot a glove" which is almost identical to that of the Macphersons and Chattan. We offer the exclusive range of Mcintosh Tartan Kilt.The various colors, sizes, reasonable, price, fastest global delivery and substance both the wool and acrylic being used in the fabric has generated rush on our website. Be the first to order the product of your choice from our listed items as the stock is limited and can last any time.