Mcgilvery Tartan

Clan MacGillivray is a historic Highland clan and a proud member of the Chattan Confederation. While there were references to "Clan Mhic Gillebrath" as early as the 13th century, the first accurate recording of MacGillivray as a clan name dates back to 1549. It was in 1609 when Malcolm MacGillivray of Dalcrombie and Duncan MacGillivray of Dunmaglass pledged allegiance to the Macintosh chief at a Chattan Confederation gathering. Along with other members of the Confederation, the MacGillivrays were loyal supporters of the Jacobite cause. Following the Battle of Culloden, many MacGillivrays emigrated to the United States, where they found success as traders. The MacGillivray clan's motto is "Touch not this cat," and the clan crest features a wildcat, which symbolizes courage, strength, and ferocity. Despite facing many challenges, the MacGillivrays have persevered over the years, and their proud legacy continues to this day. Today, the MacGillivray name remains an important part of Scottish history and culture, with many descendants of the clan living all over the world. The MacGillivrays' commitment to their clan and the Chattan Confederation demonstrates the strength and resilience of Scottish clans and their ability to overcome adversity.
The McGilvery Tartan is a distinctive tartan with a striking combination of colors that includes red, green, blue, and maroon. The tartan's design features a repeating pattern of thick and thin stripes, with a dominant green stripe and thinner stripes of red, blue, and maroon. The McGilvery Tartan's colors and pattern have symbolic significance, with the green representing the lush hills and fields of the Scottish Highlands, while the red, blue, and maroon represent the bloodshed and sacrifices of the clan's forefathers.
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