Eildon Tartan

The Eildon tartan, which features a predominantly green, blue, light blue, and yellow pattern, is a beloved symbol of Melrose, a town located in the Scottish Borders. Although Melrose does not have its own tartan, the Eildon tartan is widely considered to be the town's own. The plaid design incorporates a blend of colors that represent the various hues found on the slopes of the Eildon Hills, including green for the lush grass fields, yellow for the whins, brown for the scree slopes, and shades of blue for the River Tweed, which flows through the valley below. Interestingly, the Eildon Hills are named after their triple peak and are sometimes referred to as "the Eildons." The Eildon tartan, originally part of a collection of fashion tartans known as 'Harmony,' is also called 'Harmony Eildon' and was commonly used as a dress tartan and for Highland Dancing. The overall effect is a stunning plaid that celebrates the natural beauty of this area of Scotland.
The Eildon Tartan is a plaid featuring predominantly green, blue, yellow, and mustard stripes that represent the colors of the Eildon Hills in Scotland. Its unique design, with thick and thin stripes, is a symbol of the town of Melrose, which does not have its own tartan. The tartan's cultural significance lies in its representation of Scottish heritage and craftsmanship.
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