Dundas Modern Tartan

The Dundas family is considered to be one of the oldest Scottish families and gets their name after the land of Dundas in West Lothian where they were settled in the middle of the 12th century. Sir Hugh Dundas supported Sir William Wallace during the Patriot's battle against the English. His son Sir George was an ally to Robert the Bruce.
Inchgarvie was an island that Inchgarvie was donated to the 13th Chief the King James IV. It was given to the Dundas of Fingask were descendants of a half-brother from the laird of 12th, and from them came the clan of Kerse. Dundas of Arniston was a Lord of Session in 1662. The family was able to attain eminence in the legal world and many of them became judges. Its Dundas Modern Tartan colors are bottle green and navy blue. Black and red.
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