Dunbar Modern Tartan

Step into the enchanting world of Dunbar Modern Tartan, where centuries of Scottish heritage and captivating tales intertwine. Delve into the fascinating history of this once powerful Lowland family, whose legacy is beautifully captured in the intricate patterns of their tartan. From the ancient fortress of Dunbar Castle to the noble lineage of the Earls of Dunbar, every thread of this tartan bears witness to a bygone era. Dating back to the Vestiarium Scoticum, the Dunbar Modern Tartan has adorned the attire of the descendants of the Earls of Dunbar for generations. Its origins can be traced to Gospatrick, the first Earl of Dunbar, who earned the earldom from Malcolm III, the revered Scottish king. With ties to the Earl of Northumbria in Anglo-Saxon England, Gospatrick's lineage hints at a lineage connected to the esteemed Uhtred the Bold, Earl of Northumbria.
As you explore the design, you'll discover the emblem of the Clan Dunbar—a resolute horse's head bridled and reined. This powerful symbol represents their unwavering spirit and readiness for any challenge that comes their way. Immerse yourself in the tartan's story and embrace the rich heritage of the Lowlands, where Dunbar Castle stands tall, echoing the tales of a proud and noble clan.
The Dunbar Modern Tartan captivates with a harmonious mix of colours inspired by the Scottish landscape. Vibrant orangey-red shades mirror breathtaking sunsets, symbolising the passion and resilience of the Dunbar clan. Muted greens and blacks represent Highland forests, rolling hills, and the mysteries of Lowland moors. This tartan pays tribute to Scotland's natural wonders.
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