County Westmeath Tartan

Triath os Triathaibh is the motto of county Westmeath tartan meaning Noble above nobility. Westmeath is in the area of Leinster, named after the antiquated Kingdom of Meath (Old Irish: Mide). Following the Norman attack of Ireland, the domain of the Kingdom of Meath was subsumed into the Lordship of Meath and granted to King Henry II of England, in his ability as Lord of Ireland, to Hugh de Lacy in 1171.
Following the disappointment of male beneficiaries, the Lordship was divided between de Lacy's incredible granddaughters. The western part was granted to Margery and her significant other, John de Verdun while the eastern part, fixated on Trim, was granted to Maud. The colours of this beautiful irish tartan are black and yellow accents with green, blue and red. 
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