City Of Glasgow Tartan

Step into the enchanting world of Scottish heritage with the Glasgow Tartan. Rooted in a captivating historical narrative, this tartan, also known as 'MADDER or GLASGOW ROCK and WHEEL,' weaves together threads of tradition, culture and pride. The use of scarlet as a variant to madder infuses the tartan with a touch of opulence, elevating its allure. A journey into the annals of time reveals that the Glasgow Tartan isn't merely fabric; it's a living chronicle. Referenced in Wilsons of Bannockburn's 1819 Key Pattern Book and traced back to 1790 through correspondence, its legacy stands resolute. The very name "Glasgow" conjures a tale of linguistic evolution, stemming from 'Glaschu,' an ancient Celtic term meaning 'beloved green place.' This etymology, a tribute to the missionary endeavors of St. Mungo, aligns seamlessly with the city's emblem, emblazoned with his symbolism, and its inspiring motto, "Let Glasgow flourish."
The tartan's intricate sett pattern showcases a symphony of red, green, and blue hues, each representing a facet of Glasgow's rich narrative. The bold red resonates with the city's vitality, the verdant green embodies its lush landscapes, and the tranquil blue mirrors the flowing waters of River Clyde. This color symphony dances across the fabric, creating a visual tapestry that captures the essence of Glasgow's past and present.
And last but not the least at Scottish Kilt, we are more than purveyors of fine attire; we are custodians of Scotland's cultural heritage. Our commitment to preserving and sharing the legacy of Scottish traditions is etched into every thread of our diverse offerings. Embrace the allure of the Glasgow Tartan and immerse yourself in a legacy that transcends time.