Angus Modern Tartan

The Angus Modern Tartan can be described as an innovative Scottish tartan that was designed just recently and isn't connected to any particular Scottish clan, or even a family. The style of Angus Modern Tartan is a modern take on traditional Scottish tartan designs, and in terms of the history behind it, the Angus Modern Tartan, it's an extremely new style that is gaining popularity with those who want to showcase their Scottish heritage in a contemporary fashion. It's a versatile tartan which can be worn on various events, from informal gatherings to formal occasions. Modern Angus Tartan is derived from the Gaelic Aonghus. The name can be found throughout Scotland. It was first mentioned in the 5th century and is believed to be due to the founding of the colony referred to by the name of Dalriada. The Earldom of Angus that is believed to be among the most ancient in Scotland was granted to a person named Gilchrist in the middle of the late century.
The 13th century however, marked the end of Celtic lineage and subsequent forfeiture saw the Earldom given into the Stewarts. In 1389 the king Robert II granted the title to George de Douglas and his successors and, failing that, was awarded the title to Sir Alexander Hamilton. The Modern Tartan of Angus is a contemporary Scottish tartan, which has the unique blend of greens, blues, with earthy shades. The tartan was developed in the last few years and doesn't have any particular historical link with an actual Scottish family or clan. The design of Angus Modern Tartan is a modern take on traditional Scottish tartan patterns . It has become popular among people who wish to honour their Scottish heritage in a contemporary manner. It is commonly used in a variety of settings that range from casual occasions to more formal occasions and is thought to be a versatile tartan. In no way is it a surprise that it has become a favourite choice for people who want to celebrate their Scottish roots but with a modern new twist.