Premium Bag Pipe Music Rosewood

Premium Bag Pipe Music Rosewood



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Premium Bag Pipe Music Rosewood 

A striking bagpipe, the Kintail Bagpipe Music Rosewood is a handsome bagpipe that is sure to steal the show anywhere it is played. The instrument is crafted out of handsome rosewood and comes with a black synthetic velvet bag that measures 40 inches by 20 inches. There is a black bag cover as well as a black cord cover to match it. The covers help to ensure that no dust or other particulates make it onto or into the instrument when not in use. On the outside of the bagpipe is a smooth, jet black finish that has been given a glossy polish to ensure that it always looks clean and shiny. It comes with a drone reed set so that you are always prepared to play.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Fully Size & Fully Functional Professional Bagpipe
  • Cover: Royal Stewart Bagpipe Cover
  • Chanter: 2 Cane Chanter Reeds
  • Reed Set: 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set

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