Irish Finger Flute Rosewood

Irish Finger Flute Rosewood



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Irish Finger Flute Rosewood 

Learn to reproduce the music from your culture and heritage with the Irish Finger Flute in Rosewood. This durable flute is a beautiful display of the flutes from your culture, and you can carry it with you to any traditional performance. It has been given a natural rosewood finish that affords it a unique appeal. There are four adjustable pieces on this Irish Finger Flute in Rosewood that will allow you to store it and play it in just the way you like it. It has a tip head with a tuning slide as well as a cork joint, all of which are made using the highest quality materials. It measures 26 inches in size and features a durable carrying case as well.

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  • Materials and Features
  • Flute: Irish D Flute
  • Parts: Four Parts
  • Box: Wood Box
  • Wood: Rosewood
  • Irish: Irish Finger Flute

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