Irish D Flute in African black wood

Irish D Flute in African black wood



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Irish D Flute in African black wood 

Enjoy the musical stylings of a genuine irish D flute in african black wood with a look that is sleek and stylish. The Black Wooden Irish D Flute is crafted out of African black wood rather than the usual rosewood, giving it dark black color that is completely natural and not produced from paint. The artisans that produce the flute have left it with a natural finish that allows the color to be fully enjoyed. Measuring 26 inches in length, the flute has a four-piece design and is equupped with a tuning slide on the top head. A wooden hard case is provided for storage and transport.

Materials & Shipping

  • Materials and Features
  • Flute: Irish D Flute
  • Parts: Four Parts
  • Box: Wood Box
  • Wood: Rosewood
  • Color: Black Color

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