Highland Swirl Buckle For Kilt Belt

Highland Swirl Buckle For Kilt Belt



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Highland Swirl Buckle For Kilt Belt 

The Highland Swirl Buckle for Kilt Belt is a handsome kilt belt buckle that can add the perfect bit of detail to your look in an effortless way. This belt buckle features Celtic knot work in the center where more Celtic knot work surrounds the circle on all sides. It has zigzagging lines that run along its borders for an extra bit of detail. This belt buckle is square in shape and easy to work into kilt outfits of any style or type. It is made out of the highest quality materials that can last the years to come, thanks to its ability to resist rusting. It can latch onto any existing kilt belts with ease

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Highland Swirl Buckle for kilt belt

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