Gretna Green Tartan Kilt and outfit

Gretna Green Tartan Kilt and outfit

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Gretna Green Tartan Kilt And outfit

Make a statement with your kilt when you choose to bring home the Gretna Green Tartan Kilt and outfit. This kilt features a prominent green color that is accented by the thick blue horizontal and vertical lines around it. There are rows of thin red lines that run both horizontally and vertically throughout the blue stripes to accent them, while the yellow lines run through both the blue and green blocks alike. The kilt is fashioned out of strong acrylic wool and uses eight yards to construct the kilt. This kilt features a knife pleat in order to keep in line with the traditional kilt styles. With the adjustable leather strap, you can adjust the kilt to the specific measurement of your choice. Include your waist size, hip size, kilt length and fell measurement upon ordering to ensure that the kilt fits in the way you prefer.

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  • Materials and Features
  • 8 yard out fit deal includes
  • professional 8 Yard stripe pleat Tartan kilt
  • Jacobite Ghillie Shirt
  • Matching Tartan Sporran
  • Matching Hose Flashes
  • Matching Tartan BowTie

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