Cybergoth Riveted Kilt

Cybergoth Riveted Kilt

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Looking to wear comfortable and relaxed Kilt? Cybergoth Riveted kilt combines rave, rivethead, and goth fashion, It’s style features one bluntly contrasting basic, black gothic color who’s straps are hooked with chrome hooks which adds beauty to this Kilt.. Its design includes antique metal buttons, fittings, and chains. Black color coordinates with everything and each pleat has a full swing. The small U shaped chains hang on the front side give an amazing look. This kilt comes in a variety of lengths and with your choice of hardware, such as your hip size, waist size & fell measurement. The unique feature of this Cybergoth Riveted Kilt, you can’t get anywhere else and can easily wear on Halloween party night, casual or nightclub.

Materials & Shipping

  • Materials and Features
  • Cloth: 100% Cotton
  • Pockets: Cargo Dispatched Pockets
  • Pleat: Box Pleat
  • Cloth: Contrast Camouflage Trim
  • Belt Loops: 2.25 Inches
  • Button & Hardware: Rust Free
  • Embroidery: Scottish Lion on Pocket

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