Armstrong Modern Tartan

Modern Armstrong Heavy Weight Tartan. The Border clan was located in Liddesdale in 1376 and later expanded their influence and power to Annandale. Their warlike chiefs, as well as their supporters engaged in battle on both sides of the Border, and their strength, was so powerful that they could defy any authority of King James V, the Scottish King. In 1530, King James V, by stratagem took the chief and executed him. Armstrong chief.
After that, the authority of the clan dwindled. The legend says that this surname was attributed to one of the clan members known as Fairbairn to save the life of the King during the battle. The King's horse was killed by his command and Fairbairn was able to see the King's life in danger, grabbed him by the thigh, and put him on his horse. The tartan's color is Blue, Red, Black, and Green.
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