5-Yard Kilts

A Traditional Kilts With a Modern Comfort

The innovative and supremely versatile 5-yard kilts have worked, for long, towards being accepted in the traditional kilt market. At present, this distinct piece of garment is widely recognized as part of Scottish culture and appreciated for its practicality. Generally, these kilts are thought of as an individualistic approach towards fabric usage. Contrary to the traditional 8-yard, these kilts are stitched out of 5-yards of 100% wool. This contrast, in no way, exerts influence upon the depth of the pleat structure or overall fitting. Since the Scottish Kilt Shop creates made-to-order garments for you, the pleat structure depends upon the overall size only and follows no strict ruling. Owing to the range of tartan prints available in-store, each of these 5-yard tartan kilts is ideal to function as everyday kilts as well as outfits for formal occasions. They especially work great as a lightweight choice for warmer climates.

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