Kids Utility Kilt in Custom Measurements

Get your little one comfortable wearing traditional Scottish dress at a young age when you gift them their very own kilt. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we believe that kilts and all of the culture and history that they represent should be able to be shared by children no matter their age, and for that reason, we offer one-of-a-kind kilts for children that are just as well made as our adult kilts. These particular kilts are utility kilts that are better suited for rambunctious children because of their loose-fitting nature that makes them easy to move and play in as well as the pockets that give them storage while they play. Our utility kilts for kids come in a number of different colors and styles to choose from, so that you can gift your little one the kilt that best suits their tastes and personality. Each one is completely made to measure to ensure that they fit your little one around the hips, waist, and even sit at the perfect length for them. Pass on the love of your Scottish heritage to your little one today with these kilts for kids.

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Kids Utility Kilt