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Kilt outfits do not always have to be formal. While there are formal Prince Charlie Kilt Outfits for eveningwear, you can still look dapper from head to toe by wearing a kilt outfit during the day. At Scottish Kilt Shop, we offer you the chance to own a fabulous casual Prince Charlie kilt outfit in which to go about your day. These kilt outfits come in a variety of colors and styles, each one providing you with everything you need to dress to the nines no matter what you are doing. Complete with a jacket, waist coat, kilt, socks, buckle and more, these outfits will have you feeling good, looking good and reminding yourself of your rich Scottish heritage wherever you go.

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  1. Sale Casual Prince Charlie Kilts Outfit Casual Prince Charlie Kilts Outfit

    Prince Charlie Jacket Casual Outfit Includes

    • Prince Charlie jacket in heavy cotton fabric
    • Prince charlie waistcoat
    • Formal Shirt
    • Neck Tie
    • metal engraved buckle
    • Embossed belt
    • Formal Tartan kilt
    • Kilt pin
    • Full dress sporran with Chain belt
    • Kilt Hose
    • Matching Flashes
    • Ghillie Brogues


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