Most commonly, when one thinks of Scottish dress and tradition, it is likely that the very first thing that will come to mind will be the kilt, as it is perhaps the most famous garment to come out of Scotland. The kilt is a garment that is steeped in deep Scottish history and traces its roots back thousands and thousands of years. Once worn as official military uniforms, kilts are now a part of everyday life for Scottish men, wearing them casually or wearing them to formal events all the same. And while the kilt is a very important part of Scottish tradition and culture, trews are every bit as important—especially tartan trews.Tartan trews first came to be around the 1530s, serving as an alternative for those who couldn’t wear kilts during the chilly winter months in the Highlands. These trews allowed Scottish men to still express their Scottish heritage and pride without having to only wear kilts and were quite popular.  Speaking to the importance of Scottish trews is the fact that just like the kilt, trews were also outlawed temporarily during the Dress Act of 1748 in Scotland.

Today, trews are back and in their full glory, ready to be worn by any modern Scotsmen, whether that be a need for necessity in the cold winter months or just out of style in the modern age. They are a nice, traditional alternative for someone who doesn’t want to wear kilts to an event but would still like to reflect their Scottish heritage wearing a traditional outfit. Classy, sophisticated and full of style, trews are every bit as well suited for formal events and ceremonies as the kilt, but they are also versatile enough that they can be dressed down to fit more casual events.
Finding the right pair of trews for you is just as personal as finding the right kilt, as there are many styles and tartan patterns to pick from. In this article, we will explore the variety of different threw styles for you to choose from to help you on your journey toward modern day Scottish style.

Military-Style Tartan Trews

One of the most commonly seen trews come in the form of the military style. These trews are very similar to the fishtail-style tartan trews, but there is one main difference between the two. The military trews have an appearance that makes them look seamless and sleek. On these scottish trews, you will notice no seams running down the outside leg. The pattern on the inside seam will always appear to be so perfectly matched that it will look as if there is nothing holding these two ends together and that it is instead made from a solid piece of fabric. That is part of the appeal of military trews; they offer a more sophisticated and immaculate look that is best suited in environments of strict dress such as the military.

Argyll Tartan Trews

These types of trews are often made to look like standard suit pants. The difference between these two is that the trews tend to sit higher on the waist than standard suit trousers. This makes the measurement of the outside leg anywhere between two or three inches longer than standard trousers. Argyll tartan trews are also known for their sheer versatility. They are a great choice for those who aren’t sure which trews to wear on which occasion. When you want to wear them casually, these trews look great with a simple, thick knitted sweater or similar top. If you are hoping to wear them in a more formal setting, they can very simply be dressed up using a full-length suit jacket, a short Prince Charlie jacket, or a smart tweed Argyll jacket all the same.

Fishtail Back Tartan Trews

The fishtail back tartan trews are some of the most easily recognizable trew styles. They are made to be worn with Prince Charlie jackets, making them quite dressy and sophisticated. They are also made to be worn with braces to finish off the look. These fishtail back trews are considered to be the most traditional option of trews, making them ideal for formal occasions such as weddings and other such ceremonies.


Tartan Trousers

For those who don’t really enjoy the look of high-waisted pants like the Argyll tartan trews have to offer, there is another option. The tartan trousers are best suited for more casual wear, letting men who don’t want to go out kilted every day in a casual way still dress for their Scottish heritage. Tartan trousers give Scottish men a smart, stylish and traditional look with a slight modern upgrade. They are able to be worn just about anywhere that you would wear a pair of trousers, including going to work or just out to a day event. 

These are among the most versatile options and, just like the Argyll tartan trews, they are best suited for those who aren’t sure what kind of trews to wear on what kind of occasions. Your Scottish heritage is important to you, and fortunately, expressing your love of your nation is easier as a Scotsmen, thanks to the ability to do so through your preferred style of dress. At Scottish kilt Shop, we strive to offer you plenty of choices when it comes to traditional Scottish dress. For this reason, we offer not only kilts that are made to measure but Tartan trews for sale as well. You can buy tartan trews with us here and feel peace of mind about your purchase, as each one is made to measure in an effort to flatter your unique shape. With these trews, we offer you plenty of tartan options for you to choose from, letting you find the one that is most stylish to you or the one that reflects your individualized Scottish heritage. Browse our selection of Scottish trews for sale today and start customizing your new favorite trews now.