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Steampunk is a style that, over recent years, has gained incredible popularity. It has its roots in Victorian science fiction, and the entire aesthetic of the style of dress is based on this question: how would the world have looked, dressed and functioned had the technical revolution come about a little sooner and revolved around steam power?

Victorian Era and SteamPunk Kilt 

With a steam-powered life in the Victorian era, we would see both elements of steam powered robots and machines along with women and men in classic Victorian garb living side by side with them and even incorporating bits of the technology into their attire. Victorian men typically wore pants, but for the Steampunk look, the kilt is an excellent choice. There are a number of accessories, themes and clothing styles that make up Steampunk garb, and here we will talk about what exactly a Steampunk kilt might look like.

First and foremost, the kilt keeps up the Victorian aesthetic. After all, that is largely what this trend is designed around. Steampunk also tends to steer away from clothing with a clear label marker of a style or brand, so a kilt in that variety may lack a defining brand name that is visible. Instead, the kilt should lean toward a certain character, if you will. This means a kilt designed around the idea that one is an Aviator or Engineer; an Explorer or a Villain.

When considering the color, sepia browns are very popular. However, Victorians loved to experiment with colors of all sorts. Incorporate that brown into the kilt and add a few dashes of fiery reds and rusted oranges and you’ve got a kilt that is well on its way to becoming a Steampunk icon.

Accessories Attached With Kilt 

Let’s talk about Accessories. In the world of Steampunk, all kinds of quirky gadgets are attached to clothing. Perhaps a kilt might have a thin chain to serve in place of the popular pocket watch accessory or a cogwheel or gear as the button on the pocket of a kilt. Brass instruments like telescopes, binoculars, and compasses are also appropriate; a Steampunk kilt can easily incorporate a brass item into them, as well, to complete the look.

Several belts on top of one another are another fashionable trend, so incorporating that into the kilt is a must. Straps may be used in place of the belt on the waist of the kilt, and the complementary sashes worn with kilts will also help afford that look. Anything that speaks to the military’s attire is also good, meaning that kilts can have elements of subtle camouflage and medals adorning them.

Kilt A Versatile Item Of Clothing

Kilts are incredibly versatile and stylish items of clothing. They can be worn and suited to fit almost any genre of the trend on the market, and that does include the ever growing Steampunk fad.

By incorporating aspects of Steampunk style flawlessly into kilts, such as brass hardware, certain color palettes, belts and straps, you, too can have the Steampunk look in one of the most original and versatile ways.