Family is very important, no matter where you come from, and this is especially true in Scotland. The importance of family is something that is even depicted in the style of clothing that Scottish people wear, in the way that many will wear tartans that reflect their families and will instantly identify the wearer as a part of a certain clan. For that reason, baby kilts are often something that parents will choose to wear on their child, in an effort to show how important family is not only to the world but to the child from a young age as well.

Baby Kilt

As you and anyone else knows, Scottish kilts are a huge part of Scottish culture, a symbol of pride and something that you probably want to instill in your family from an early age. Kilts vary widely in styles and tartans, making them incredibly versatile and easy for anyone interested in kilt wearing to find one they love. The same is true about finding a nice baby kilt or toddler kilt for your child as there are so many ways to customize a kilt and so many tartans to choose from that you can easily dress your little one up in a kilt that expresses their personality. While the kilt is most commonly seen on teenagers and men, there is no reason that your young children or babies can’t get in on the patriotism, too.

This is because not only are Scottish kilts important in terms of family and pride, they are also rich in deeply rooted culture and Scottish history, and it is something that the entire family should know about and appreciate. Kilts have a long history in Scottish culture, and it is something that you can dress your little one in before they can even walk. The kilt has gone through a long period of change since the time of their conception and has now become a fashion staple for any Scottish person. In the very beginning back in the 16th century, these kilts were once full-length articles of clothing and were most commonly worn by men from the Northern Scottish Highlands. Typically, they were worn either draped over the shoulder or worn over a person’s head in a way that resembled a cloak. These styles were designed to keep the wearers warm in harsh conditions and were often used as blankets when the weather got chilly.

baby kilt

As time moved on, these kilts began to be used in the British military. They were worn not only for their style when it came to formal uniforms, but they were worn for their aforementioned reasoning of being so warm and large that it kept servicemen safe. It wasn't until the late 17th and early 18th centuries that these kilts became shorter and knee length, making them easier for the average person to wear. They also did not start out bold in color; traditionally, they were muted brown and earthy green colors until the methods and techniques of dying the tartans became more sophisticated. Then, the kilts started to look more like the modern kilts that you see today, and their colors and styles.

In the modern world, kilts serve a variety of purposes. First and foremost, they are a way to show pride for your nation. Some kilt wearers will choose family tartans that reflect their unique heritage. Others will wear stylish kilts to dress up for weddings and other formal ceremonies, and some incorporate them into their everyday lives. Whatever reason you have for wanting to wear a kilt and to have your child wear one, you can get them one that will start to teach them a love of their country, culture, heritage and history from before they can even walk.

kilt for babies

There are tartans that are specifically designed to be worn by babies. The baby kilts are made to fit their small bodies and are not typically as weighty as standard adult kilts, but they still go a long way toward keeping your child warm. With your baby in a kilt, you can not only make them feel warm and snug, but you can be sure that your baby will be the cutest child at any given event. babies in kilts are also a great way to dress them up in a formal way in a pinch for last minute events where you don't have time to find them an outfit. No matter the age of your baby, there is a kilt out there for them. If you want your baby to take their newborn photos in a kilt, you can get a kilt for those under one month old, all the way up to 24 months.

Your baby can enjoy the freedom of movement that comes with wearing a kilt as they start to get older and crawl around, giving them the ability to move freely without feeling constricted by pants. Because tartan kilts are so strong, they are also great for dressing them for playdates as they can withstand rough and tumble play without tearing like thinner materials might cause.
At Scottish Kilt Shop, we are dedicated to dressing the entire family in traditional Scottish clothing. We believe a love of heritage and culture is an important thing to instill in your children from the get-go, and we are proud to offer a toddler kilt and baby kilt selection alike that will give you the chance to dress them from the start. All of our kilts are completely made to measure, ensuring that you can get the kilt that will best fit your little one, no matter their age. Each one of these kilts is fashioned from the highest quality material as well to give you a long-lasting kilt that can be enjoyed as your baby grows. Shop our selection of baby kilts to find the tartan and style that is best suited for your children now.